... are an accomplished, intelligent and refined gentleman of means who is serious about both your work and your pleasures. You desire the company of a precocious companion who is your peer in intellect, worldly sophistication, taste, professional ambition, erotic passions, off-kilter opulence, and more.


 ... am the selective, part-time lover you seek. I am all natural, full of ink, queer, and pansexual. I follow the courtesans' ancient lineage of artists, poets, and intellectuals, with a terminal Ivy League degree in a field where I have achieved success and international recognition. The demands of my creative career allow me to see clients no more than a few times per month and require me to be selective about whom I meet.  For those favored few—perhaps you?—I devote myself to ravishing mind, body, and spirit.

xoxo, Lilith


Louise Bourgeois, Paul Thek, Lutz Bacher, Ralph Lemon

Tarkovsky, Zulawski’s Possession, In the Realm of the Senses, Marvel movies (yes, really)

My 3 Annes (Anne Carson, Anne Sexton, Anne Boyer), Marguerite Duras, Robin Coste Lewis

Indie smut, Otis Redding, Bach

Pinot noir, Japanese whiskey, Heineken ;)

Filet mignon (bloody), omakase, pretentious molecular gastronomy (✿◕‿◕)